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U.S. Soccer has selected FC Boulder to join
the U.S. Soccer Development Academy
at the U12, U13 and U14 age groups!
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U.S. Soccer Player
Development Initiatives
To Begin Fall 2016
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But don't worry, FCB Winter Camps & Leagues
are here to help you get through it!
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We Teach Them.
We Uphold Them.
We Live By Them.
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To Myself.
To My Team.
To My Club.
To My Community.
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To fight for every one of my goals.
To never give up.
To achieve my full potential.
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In Who I Am.
In Where I Am Going.
In the Person I Will Become.
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Welcome to FC Boulder.

You have found a special organization. We are more than a collection of teams wearing the same color jersey:

we are an organization with a unique culture and a compelling set of values. We intend to provide a context through which

our membership experiences the joy and inspiration that this great game of soccer can provide.

Welcome to FC Boulder!


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U11 Girls Statistics - Fall 2015

View all player’s stats

NameTeamGoalsAssistsTotal Points

U12 - U18 Girls Statistics - Fall 2015

View all player’s stats

Dani Prata14 Premier10222
Chloe Herrera17 Premier9220
Lilly Gallagher15 Premier7519
Patricia Mendoza-Anselmi15 Premier9119
Imani Fernandez-Gorbea13 Premier8218
Morgan Stone15 Premier8218
Saige Feiner18 Premier7317
Elise Busse13 Premier6517
Maddy Worth15 Athletic7115
Jennifer Rivera15 Athletic7115
Tessa Leach13 Premier5414
Annie Brigham14 Premier5313
Arlee Shelby15 Athletic3713
Parker Johnston13 Premier6113
Kenna Hazard17 Premier612
Jenna Reznicek13 Premier4412
Riley Fink15 Athletic612
Lucia Paul14 Elite5212
Dawson Shelby13 Premier4311
Grace Schwab14 Premier4311
Sydney Swanker13 Premier4311
Georgia Weeks14 Elite510
Kate O'Neill18 Premier3410
Valeria Osuna15 Athletic3410
Allyson Costa14 Elite419
Anna Trujilo13 Premier328
Claire Holleman17 Premier248
Emma Richard18 Premier237
Darby Dodge13 Premier317
Makena Englund13 Premier317
Jaedyn Grant15 Premier36
Sophia Reeves14 Elite36
Ella Gwozdz15 Premier36
Emma Hall14 Premier226
Frida Aguilar14 Elite135
Allie Scheifele18 Premier215
Haley Hirshland14 Elite215
Emma Maytubby14 Premier215
Sophia Cornell18 Premier215
Aisley McConnell17 Premier215
Sarah Sypher18 Premier24
Megan Lewis16 Athletic24
Hannah Roth15 Premier24
Kim Ramirez17 Athletic24
Zali Hock16 Athletic113
Anna Lingold14 Elite33
Hannah Dudiak15 Premier113
Jamie Turcotte18 Premier113
Isabelle Rusk15 Athletic113
Kailey Heuston17 Premier113
Adriane Mason14 Elite113
Lizzy Dietrich15 Athletic33
Manderley Gehr15 Athletic12
Hannah Shaner18 Premier12
Zoe Sooter14 Premier12
Emma Blaser16 Athletic12
Maja Sato16 Athletic12
Hailey Bouskas14 Premier12
Sloane MacBride14 Elite12
Emily McGowan16 Athletic12
McKailyn Quast17 Premier12
Alie Corboy17 Premier12
Avery Banghart15 Athletic12
Abby Richardson15 Athletic22
Jessica Both15 Athletic22
Sofia Herrera13 Premier22
Julie Eiffert16 Athletic11
Grace Fink13 Premier11
Olivia Davis14 Premier11
Piper14 Premier11
Ahnia Volkman15 Athletic11
Anna Blanchard13 Premier11
Caroline Harmon13 Premier11
Reilly Battreal16 Athletic11
Sydney Lopez13 Premier11
Lindsey Te Krony17 Premier11
Kaitlyn Tarlton17 Premier11
Alex Dunbar14 Premier11
Linn Kelley18 Premier11
Izzy Dever15 Premier11
Alexander Corboy17 Premier11
Kyra Pease16 Athletic11
Ariana Cepulis16 Athletic11
Moira Matheson14 Premier11

U11 Boys Statistics Fall 2015

View all player’s stats

NameTeamGoalsAssistsTotal Points

U12 - U18 Boys Statistics - Fall 2015

View all player’s stats

Anudeep Golla13 Elite30767
Sam Phillips13 Elite21850
Arroll Taekla13 Elite91129
Louis Kehoe13 Elite61224
Sebastien Mazur13 Elite6618
Christian Simon13 Athletic7115
Camillo Vargas12 Elite6113
Evan Toth12 Athletic6113
Ismail Hussein14 Union612
Christian Nunez14 Elite4311
Sam Robertson13 Elite2711
Stephen Rivera12 Sporting510
Oliver English13 Elite4210
Connor Casey13 Elite339
Rodrigo Lopez Abadia12 Elite259
Eli May13 Athletic328
Brian Hernandez14 Union48
Ryan Tozzi12 Athletic248
Edson Graycar13 Sporting317
Zeke Thoreson12 Sporting237
Jason Robles14 Elite237
Eli Taekla12 Athletic226
Noah Hubbard13 Elite226
Layne Weeks12 Elite36
Calvin Pielke12 Elite226
Sam Malkinson13 Athletic226
Johnny Stanzione12 Athletic226
Ethan Spalsbury12 Athletic215
Rowan McIntyre12 Athletic215
Charlie Laham12 Sporting215
Cole Citarella12 Sporting215
Curran English14 Premier24
Isaac Sherman14 Premier124
Tavan Karbassi13 Sporting24
Shen McConnell14 Union124
Raul Toledo14 Elite124
Carlos Real14 Premier24
Martin de Santiago14 Union24
Liam Power12 Sporting124
Luke McCaig13 Elite24
Mac Richardson12 Sporting24
Jackson Holicky14 Elite24
Ethan Reich12 Sporting124
Max Hammond13 Athletic24
George Flora12Athletic24
Kreitler Payes12 Elite24
Joel Lemus13 Sporting124
Erik Colin14 Union113
Mark O'Neill14 Elite113
Hayden Miller12 Elite33
Banyan Lyon12 Elite113
Sam Brooks13 Sporting113
Cara Calitre13 Elite113
Inaki Rodarte12 Athletic12
Alex Jones12 Elite12
Simon Gerlach14 Elite12
Dalmiro Naveira12 Athletic12
Jake Ketchner14 Elite12
Daniel Estoll12 Athletic12
Eli Bulkacz12 Elite12
Bishal Ellison14 Elite12
Matteo Caccia13 Sporting22
Spencer Grumhaus12 Elite12
Lance Mitchley12 Elite12
Leo Vanini12 Athletic12
Jack Hoskins14 Union22
Will Manning14 Union12
Owen Cope13 Athletic12
Ryan Miller14 Premier12
Samuel Berets13 Athletic22
Ned Graf13 Athletic12
Winter Wallace14 Premier12
Julian Wolf12 Athletic22
Evan Heiges13 Athletic22
Karim Sponheimer12 Elite12
Henrik Helmig13 Athletic11
Dylan Weiss14 Elite11
Jake Steeves14 Premier11
Joey Lingold12 Athletic11
Matt Helm14 Union11
Haven Wisner12 Athletic11
Sam Sica14 Union11
Kale Lantz13 Athletic11

Goalkeepers Statistics - Fall 2015

Zeke ThoresonBoys 12 Sporting100.00
Ahnia VolkmanGirls 15 Athletic100.00
Cole CitarellaBoys 12 Sporting100.00
Lucas HempenBoys 14 Premier650.83
Toby BatemanBoys 13 Elite13120.92
Carter MeltonBoys 14 Elite441.00
Emma PerkinsGirls 15 Athletic111.00
Sydney SwankerGirls 13 Premier111.00
Andrea JewellGirls 18 Premier10121.20
Evan SimmsBoys 12 Elite671.20
Kaj WeterringsBoys 13 Athletic791.28
Bodhi RubensteinBoys 12 Sporting341.33
Lexi MartineGirls 17 Premier571.40
Hayden VeldsGirls 14 Premier9131.44
Brooklynn KirkpatrickGirls 14 Elite15241.60
Sophia NarodGirls 15 Premier18291.61
Jackie HiebertGirls 16 Athletic11181.63
Dawson ShelbyGrls 13 Premier122.00
Gigi DeFrancoGirls 15 Athletic482.00
Matteo CacciaBoys 13 Sporting372.33
Keenan FattorBoys 14 Union7273.85

Juggling Ladder

NEW FC Boulder Record – 1375 by U14 Will Hartman!

Click Here to see him do it!

Will HartmanU14 Boys Premier1375
Sam PhillipsU13 Boys Elite836
Lucia PaulU14 Girls Elite782
Noah HubbardU13 Boys Elite225
John-LucHarbour U13 Boys Premier206
Anudeep GollaU13 Boys Elite150
Sara ReardonU13 Girls Elite132
Sebastien MazurU13 Boys Elite119
Arroll TaeklaU13 Boys Elite100
Luke McCaigU13 Boys Elite97
Cara CalitreU13 Boys Elite87
Preston DaleyU13 Boys Elite86
Ben RayU13 Boys Elite85
Ian McElveenU13 Boys Premier78
Oliver EnglishU13 Boys Elite74
Sam RobertsU13 Boys Elite66
Joaquin StewartU13 Boys Premier65
Connor CaseyU13 Boys Elite52


Who will be the club’s top juggler? Please send us your YouTube links or videos and we will post them here!

We will have prizes when you reach the following levels:

100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 2500+

Send Us Your Video »

Will Hartman - U14B Premier

Breck Dunbar - U11G Premier

U10 Boys Statistics Fall 2015

Liam SteevesBoys U10 Elite14230
Oscar GraycarBoys U10 Elite5414
Ethan WurmanBoys U10 Elite6113
Rhys HaneyBoys U10 Elite612
Bodhi JudkinsBoys U10 Elite317
Shane WilliamsBoys U10 Elite113
Nate TozziBoys U10 Elite113
Cole CreaseyBoys U10 Elite113
Tate RuzzinBoys U10 Elite113
Jonathan EstollBoys U10 Elite12
Cole CreaseyBoys U10 Elite1 1

U10 Boys Goalkeeper Statistics Fall 2015

NameTeamGames PlayedGoals AgainstGoals Against Average
Cole CreaseyBoys U10 Elite10111.10
Shane WilliamsBoys U10 Elite9111.22
Nate TozziBoys U10 Elite341.33

FCB in College/Alumni

Killean off to great start at Georgia

Click on the link below to see the full story.

Posted in FCB4me Alumni, FCB4me College | Comments Off on Killean off to great start at Georgia

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FCB Girls in High School

Silver Creek Blitzed by Evergreen

Silver Creek Blitzed by Evergreen

Posted in FCB4me - High School Girls | Comments Off on Silver Creek Blitzed by Evergreen

FCB Boys in High School

Fall 2014 High School Season

Quinn Liebmann Justin Barkow Boys Soccer All-Region Team Boulder vs Broomfield All-Conference Teams Fairview vs Broomfield Boulder vs Smoky Hill Jack Dooley – Athlete of the Week Boulder vs Chatfield Fairview vs Rock Canyon Niwot vs D’Evelyn Broomfield vs Doherty Peak to Peak vs Colorado Academy Quarterfinal Preview Boulder vs Poudre – Round of 16 […]

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In the Community

Hashtag Lunchbag – Sunday August 31

Sunday August 31 was Hashtag Lunchbag Sunday. A big thank you to the Boulder High School Boys’ Soccer Team for making some delicious breakfast burritos and delivering them to the local homeless population. Thanks for giving back to the community and thanks for making a difference!

Posted in FCB4me Community | Comments Off on Hashtag Lunchbag – Sunday August 31

FCB in Nepal

This past fall, FC Boulder collected used soccer equipment and shipped it out to a monastery/school in Nepal.

Posted in FCB4me Community | Comments Off on FCB in Nepal

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Coaching Tips

Click on the link below to see tips from our Technical Director.

FCB4Me Coaching Tips

Lesson Plans

Coaches, this is a new section for you from our Technical Director.

Click on the link to see Lesson Plans.

We will be updating this page often so check back.

A Guide to Competitive Coaching

Fitness Tips

In this section, our Director of Strength, Conditioning and Injury Prevention (SCIP) posts weekly Fitness Tips so that our athletes reach a higher level with the latest in conditioning and fitness while being mindful of preventing injuries. Please come back periodically to see the newest installments.

ACL Injury Reduction- Dynamic Warm-Up

Coaches, A great article,  by one of the best in the business- Mike Boyle, which reinforces a supervised dynamic warm-up to help reduce the risk of ACL injury in females.  There is no such thing as prevention in sport (unless they don’t participate), just good training. Do our dynamic warm-up/movement prep every session.  The movements to reduce injury are […]

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FC Boulder Adult Team


Fall 2014 – The FC Boulder Women’s CASL team. Back ROW L-R : Don Harmon, Kyrna Wheeler, Ali Day, Holly Hoguta, Dani Molina, Shayelyn Marshall, Leigh Alexander, Ashley Ciesielczyk, Sophie Cummings, Lea Day, Lilly Tolve, Andrea Pawliczek and Matt Clausen.Front row L-R: Melissa Hunt, Lauren Hoguta-Bielich, Katie Bianchi, KC Cunilio, Hayley Hughes and Jennifer Fox.

Not Pictured: Beth Widmann, Jeanette Scotti, Jenny Jurkowski, Sady Tobin, Anna Evans, Emily Wigington, Rachelle Kaplon, Sasha Sulkosky, Dani Faller, Meghan Teegarden, Caitlin Carrigan and Kari Devine.

Click here to see the CASL FC Boulder page. 

FCB CASL MEN fall '14

Fall 2014 – The FC Boulder Men’s CASL team. Back Row L-R Ben Turner, Angelo Reider, Jason Green, Alex Dickerson, Hector Porragas, Jack Jones and Don Harmon. Front Row L-R Willie Cunningham, Luis Creel, Zach Kice, Tyler Terry, Jack Huettel, Corban SipfleNot Pictured, Pat Fry, Peter Dillon, Scott Funk, Peter Lawson, Kevin Schulte, Jacob Gonzales, Billy LaGreca, Ryan Martinez and Nick Smith.


Fall 2014 – FC Boulder Men’s Boulder team. Front row from L-R: Will Friend, Ivan Goldberg, Doug Harano, Chase Lapoint, Michael Harmon, JD Parrick and Ben Donovan.

Back row from L-R: Dan Schaffert, Jason Green, Andrew Shrimpton, Kevin McCulley, Alex Dickerson, Ryan Carney Morgan (RC), Don Harmon and Shane Wheeler.

Do Harmon is our adult soccer coordinator. For information on our adult soccer teams please contact Don directly at:

Learn More About Our Adult Team »

Photos of the Week