End of Season Injury Management


Congrats on another great season at FC Boulder!  I’ve seen how hard you work with our players, the care for them, the questions you ask to make them think, providing quality training environments…I could go on and on.   You do a thankless job and I know our community is enhanced because of your time and effort.

To that extent, the end of season requires the same love, attention to detail and follow up with each player you gave for the past 3-4 months.  Critically important, coming from the Athletic Performance guy, is that you help players who had an injury, who may still have an injury, recovering from surgery or may just need some guidance on where to go for advice, that you check in with the players once they no longer train with you.

Too many times I’ve seen the scenario where an athlete had knee pain and was unable to play the last game or two.  The end of season party happens and everyone goes their separate ways.  Reach out to those injured players.  Check in with them.  Make sure they’ve recovered or on the path toward recovery. Do they need advice on where to go?  What is their feeling about their soccer experience knowing they ended the season not playing? How does this affect your potential future relationship with them?  Is it a year round team?  How will they come bak in the spring?  They deserve the same kind of support just because they may not be playing for you during the transition (winter) period.

I’m here to assist you as needed.  Please reach out so I can help you, as needed, with those looking for next steps.  james.wagenschutz@fcboulder.com

This is also true for your healthy, non-injured athletes. 🙂