FC Boulder prides itself on providing a holistic training model for each kid within our programs. We truly believe, when paired with at-home play, that our base programming allows each kid to progress toward and potentially achieve their goals as a player. Our programming does, mindfully, include periods of time during the year which kids are suggested to enjoy other sports, hobbies, and their downtime as a child. While we earnestly encourage players to take this time away from the game we acknowledge that many kids will pursue individual and small group trainings and, therefore, we would like to provide an in-house, culture-guided option for families both within and outside of our club if they so choose.

What 1-6 players per coach, small sided trainings with high repetition, player-guided topics. Session length is One Hour. A coach will be assigned to you or your group that is not your own so that you get a wider breadth of perspectives both developmentally and from an evaluation standpoint

When Varying. Weekdays, evenings, potentially weekends. Starting June 18, 2018. Email sean.baumann@fcboulder.com for time slots. During the week of July 2nd through 6th there will be no trainings.

Where — The Sport Performance Center

Why — to provide our community an in-house option for what they have stated is a want. This is not to create an atmosphere that private training is necessary to advance or remain in FC Boulder. Our programming that is included with your member dues is what we expect a kid to engage so that they can advance and improve. Their “dedication” is seen as their commitment to team activities, this is extra and optional

WhoAny child 6-22 years old, either associated with FCBoulder or not. Bring a friend!

HowEmail sean.baumann@fcboulder.com to book single or multiple sessions. Come with water bottle, cleats, shorts, shirt, guards. No soccer ball is needed as the indoor center will come with a dozen+ balls for your child’s session

Price — Our pricing will openly encourage players to partner with friends, past and future teammates to form small groups. Though there is value in 1on1 training we want this to be a community building, morale building exercise that is also affordable to all of our membership. If you are an individual wanting to be apart of a group you should contact your Fall of 2018 coach in order to find partners so you can group register at the following rates (Sean will not connect individuals with others, you must register as a group):

# of Players          __                       Cost Per Player

1                                                                           $60     ****For 1on1 sessions the parent must remain present for duration

2                                                                          $40

3                                                                          $30

4                                                                          $25

5                                                                          $20

6                                                                          $15


These fees cover coaching pay, facility rental, liability, equipment, etc