Soccer is one of the world’s most physically and mentally demanding games. Training a malnourished body will cause it will break down. Feeding a body healthy food will set the stage for success.

Many of the health issues facing our young athletes — fatigue, frequent illness, chronic injuries, mood swings and attention problems — are diet related.

Increasing nutritional awareness allows for making more informed food decisions and optimizing performance both on and off the field. FC Boulder intends to set the example for other clubs to follow. With just a little effort to become “food wise,” we can build the healthiest soccer club in the nation.

Please enjoy the following articles with your teammates, coaches and family.

Nutrition Articles
The Biggest Mistake Soccer Players Make Isn’t on the Field
Taking Control
When it Comes to Food, Get Real
How Sweet It’s Not
Sport Drink Versus Water

FC Boulder is thankful and proud to work with Curt Thompson M.S., CN. – a practicing nutritionist and the author of the Soccer Nutrition Handbook available at Nutrition Curt is also a nationally licensed soccer coach and runs the Club’s Advanced Training Program. He has been involved with youth soccer for more than 35 years.