FC Boulder Shield

In 2012, the Club set out to create a graphic identity to match the principles, values, mission, and unique characteristics of FC Boulder. International designers – hailing from the U.S., Mexico and Spain – were solicited to create a unique shield for our new Club that reflected our stated values, as well as the beautiful location and landmarks that make our community special.

The chosen shield and accompanying graphic accents – the ones populating this website and visible prominently throughout our community – are suggestive of the strength, depth, and stability of FC Boulder. You may recognize the shape of the shield, with its unique division in the middle, as a mirror of the Colorado State Shield. Our region is well known for the Rocky Mountains – specifically the Flatirons – that provide a stunning backdrop for our community.  The Flatirons image as a primary aspect of the logo connotes a strong sense of location and community.

The color Gold was selected for its well-known association as a symbol of good health and success. The Cardinal Red color that provides the foundational base of the shield is typically associated with energy, strength, power, determination, and passion.

Finally, the stars overlooking the Flatirons are reminders to each of our players to hold themselves accountable to the highest of standards as they, on a daily basis, strive to make a positive difference in three domains: for their Club, for their team and for their own individual development and growth.