Who will be the club’s top juggler? Please send us your YouTube links or videos and we will post them here!

We will have prizes when you reach the following levels:

100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 2500+

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Or send us your verified record so we can add you to the following table.

Isaac Sherman02 boys academy3343
Will Hartman02 boys academy3247
Lucia Paul02 girls elite2995
Sam Phillips02 boys836
Owen Welch03 boys premier516
Breck Dunbar03 girls320
John-LucHarbour 03 boys academy315
Noah Hubbard02 boys academy225
Anudeep Golla02 boys academy150
Sara Reardon03 girls elite132
Sebastien Mazur02 boys academy119
Ally Costa01 girls elite109
Georgia Weeks02 girls elite102
Arroll Taekla02 boys elite100
Luke McCaig03 boys academy97
Preston Daley02 boys elite86
Ben Ray02 boys academy85
Ian McElveen03 boys elite78
Oliver English02 boys academy74
Sam Roberts02 boys66
Joaquin Stewart02 boys elite65
Connor Casey02 boys academy52

Juggling Videos

NEW FCB RECORD – 3343 by 02 DA player Isaac Sherman AGAIN!

2460 by 02 DA player Isaac Sherman

2009 by 02 DA player Will Hartman

Here‘s Breck Dunbar’s – 262 juggles for the World to see!

Here‘s Owen Welch – Previously at 253 juggles now he’s done 513 at the beat of his music!