FC Boulder works hard to be a vibrant partner with organizations throughout Boulder County. We believe community partnerships are not only good for our club, but that through our partnerships, we can continue to increase our positive impact on the local community.

It is our goal to provide high-quality soccer and life experiences for players of all ages and all abilities that are both accessible and affordable. As a non-profit youth sports organization, every dollar raised, every piece of equipment donated, every in-kind trade of services, every donation to our financial aid fund … all contribute to our overarching goal of keeping the club financially viable, while also providing a high-value experience for players at a price that families can afford.

FC Boulder seeks out partners, sponsors and advertisers – all of whom engage in a mutually benefitting relationship with the Club. There are many benefits to supporting FC Boulder, including the following:

1. Donations to FC Boulder are tax deductible due to our non-profit status.

2. With over 2000 players involved in FC Boulder programs, club supporters have access to a diverse group of players, parents and coaches.

3.  Creative partnerships which may include a variety of benefits, e.g., coupon programs, on-site events, advertising and promotional options and more.

Below are links to current FC Boulder partners, sponsors and advertisers. For information about engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with FC Boulder, please contact Drew Campbell or  Jeff Frykholm or call 303-443-8877.

FC Boulder Partners