FC Boulder believes in the importance of long-term athlete development…we want ATHLETES FOR LIFE.  As stated in our values, we recognize and support achievement that is done in the right way. With these in mind, we have established an Athletic Performance Program (APP)!

For the APP to be successful, we must educate, teach and model the principles of athletic development on a regular basis in a planned manner. With our member’s overall physical and mental health a top priority, FC Boulder’s Athletic Performance Program is firmly rooted in the following principles:

Health:  We believe an individual athlete’s overall mental, physical and general wellbeing must always be the top priority.

Education: We teach and provide the latest knowledge and technology to our players, coaches and families.

Long Term Approach: We want active athletes for life and strive to use developmental and training age rather than chronological age as the basis for fitness and physiological programming.

Movement Literacy: Our athletes must have the literacy and physical competency first in order to be able to execute the skills required by our sport.

Periodization: We believe in the importance of systematic planning to achieve optimal performance.  Multi-Sport:  We encourage and support our players to participate in multiple sports.

Nutrition:  Proper food consumption is the foundation upon which any athlete’s health and performance is built.

Quality: We pay attention to the details, strive for excellence and focus on doing things right, rather than just doing things.

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) in a broad sense can look different to different user groups.  Using the Canadian Sport for Life™ Model which is “a developmental pathway whereby athletes follow optimal training, competition, and recovery regimens from childhood through all phases of adulthood” as a general guide, FC Boulder hopes to have every member engage in Soccer for Life.

Throughout the seven stages of LTAD, FC Boulder supports training, competition, and recovery programs based on developmental age — the physical, mental and emotional maturation of the individual — rather than chronological age. It is athlete-centered in that it is designed to serve the best interests of each athlete’s long-term development, encouraging growth in skills and achievement while ensuring each individual remains engaged in sport. (Note: This is not always possible given the nature of league scheduling, formats, etc.)


To learn more about Canadian Sport for Life™ Long Term Athlete Development, click here:


To further support the LTAD Model, Kevin Giles, a former UK National and Olympic Track & Field Coach, has stated “It is a basic entitlement for every child that they can move well and be fit enough for the daily tasks of life”.

Through our integrated sports medicine approach, we educate and develop soccer specific movement literacy, skills and conditioning to FC Boulder players and families in hopes they will be Athletes for Life enjoying Soccer for Life.

Player/Family Resources
Due to the various factors mentioned above, FC Boulder recommends the following professionals for tailored athletic performance (strength and conditioning) services to individuals or teams.

CU sports Med 2

All FC Boulder teams strive to incorporate basic to advanced periodized models of training, but will always be limited in nature because of the very nature of our membership and their activities and schedules outside of soccer.  Therefore it’s very difficult to achieve optimal levels of periodization.

Resources for Coaches:


US Youth Soccer Article on Specializing Too Early

FCB Movement Preparation FA 2014  (see videos below)


Agility Exercises Card

physiology of soccer an update


Energy demands of soccer- Bangsbo

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Movement Preparation

Hip Rotation - Hands on Hips

Hip Rotation w/ Knee Drive

Upper Back Mobility

Lunge and Reach

Balance Matrix - Single Leg

Pivots - Arms Overhead

Jog Forward-Back w/Arm Circles

Squat Matrix - Feet Offset

Shuffle - Feet Offset

Walking Hamstring Lunge

Light Skip into Carioca

Partner Reaches

Partner Reaches with Hop

2 Leg to Single Leg Hops

Hop, Turn, Accelerate

Bounding - Knees Up High