Injury prevention (reduction) is defined as the body’s ability to withstand the demands of competition. If the sport’s demand is greater than the body’s capacity to withstand the demand, an injury may occur. The following information centers on resources for injured athletes and steps to take to return to play.

INJURED? If you are injured, we recommend initially contacting your local physician unless needing advanced care. If advanced care is needed, seek immediate attention via 911 or the local hospital ER.

Three Step Process to Return to Play:

          1. When a player sustains an injury resulting him or her miss one week or more of training, the team coach is responsible for communicating the injury to the Director of Coaching.
          2. After missing a week or more of training, FC Boulder requires a note from the player’s physician clearing the player to resume soccer activities.
          3. The player, if necessary, requiring physical therapy should work with the coach on their return to play status, i.e. game ready performance.

NOTE: Any player medically diagnosed with a concussion, not matter the severity, MUST provide a written medical clearance from their physician before return to any activity with FC Boulder.


ACL Injuries

Bumps, Bruises & Concussions Clinic

CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center offers its Concussions, Bumps and Bruises clinic on Monday mornings from 8:30-11:30AM to all FC Boulder players.  This clinic is designed to assess NEW injuries that need to be evaluated for safe return to play. CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center accepts most insurance plans and also offers cash payment options.

Athletic Training  FC Boulder’s partnership with CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center designates that an Athletic Trainer be on-site for Development Academy matches and the Rocky Mountain Cup and Players’ Cup tournaments.

For individual or team athletic training services, contact CU Sports Medicine ATC- Jaclyn Adams at If injured and seeking an evaluation or advice, FC Boulder athletes can use the CU ATC Triage Consultation – available during the week by appointment. Consultations include an injury evaluation by a Certified Athletic Trainers. CU Sports Medicine works with many local physicians and orthopedic groups to help direct your care if a referral for imaging or physical therapy is deemed necessary. The cost of this initial assessment is $35, due at the time of service.

Common Soccer Injuries

Ankle Sprains

Information on Knee Injuries

Broken Bones

Kneecap Instability

Osgood Schlatter disease

Shin Pain and Shin Splints

Sever’s Disease

For advice or consultation on any of the above common soccer injuries, please contact the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center at: