Welcome to the FC Boulder College Advisory Program!

FC Boulder’s College Advisory Program (CAP) has been established to assist all players and their families with the various aspects of the college athletics recruiting process. Understanding that not all players will choose to continue to play soccer in college, there are still many benefits from this program that will be useful during a college search and admittance process. This includes such areas as standardized test preparation, admissions and application information, financial aid information and more.

Online information, along with team and group seminars will be small but crucial parts to the educational process that will assist in the college search. But the biggest piece to the college search process will be YOU, the player. This process can be time consuming and may seem overwhelming at times, but by being proactive throughout the process, taking the time to self-educate and utilizing any and all resources available, the process can run smoothly.

Our CAP Director is ________________.

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General Information
Time Line
Identifying Schools
Contacting Coaches
Test Prep
Parent Resources
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