Playing college soccer can be a most rewarding and fulfilling experience. Competing well in the club soccer and high school soccer environments can be the springboard to many years of fantastic soccer experiences.


The answer to this question varies for each student-athlete. Studies have shown that less than 2% of high school athletes are recruited to play college sports. For the large majority of collegiate student-athletes, the dream of college sports is achieved with hard work, years of skills development, goal setting, physical development and “self-recruiting and marketing.” Marketing? Yes, the better you are at marketing yourself effectively to your potential list of schools, the more likely those schools will take interest in you.

Most college soccer programs have limited resources and usually spend their time and money on potential players who initiate an interest in their soccer program and can possibly impact their program.

The first step to playing college soccer is to embrace the reality that YOU will have to find the college programs that provide the right fit for your athletic ability, academic profile and lifestyle (social) interests. YOU will have to initiate contact with the coaches at those schools. YOU will have to be persistent with those coaches. YOU will have to take ownership in your development as an athlete and soccer player. YOU will have to develop your skills, game awareness, physical condition and mental toughness. YOU will have to take ownership in your academic profile — your grades, test scores and academic eligibility.

Be Prepared.                             Be Proactive.                              Be Persistent.   

Testing dates 2017-18
ACT:  December 9, 2017; February 10, 2018, April 14, 2018 and June 9, 2018
SAT: December 2, 2017;  March 10, 2018, May 5, 2018 and June 2, 2018

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