Freshman Year of High School: Setting the Foundation   calendar
• Focus on school work – a good GPA beings NOW
• Become involved in extracurricular activities – keep a list
• Start compiling community service hours
• Be aware of the NCAA approved course list for your HS
• Continue to impove your soccer skills
• Establish a comfort level of verbal and non-verbal communication skills
• Begin to build your soccer profile. Select an email address that you will use to communicate with the coaches. This email should be consistent through your recruiting process. If you change services you need to communicate it to all schools you might have interest in. Select an email address that is fitting. For example is not as fitting as or
• Attend College Summer Camps & club tournaments

Sophomore Year: Staying the Course
• Continue all of the above
• Attend local college soccer games – watch the level of play at different schools
• Research potential schools of a wide variety
• Review NCAA core course list
• Consider who will provide recommendation letters – building a good reputation takes time
• Take PSAT (NMSQT) in spring
• Research potential schools of a wide variety, build an extensive pool = 20-30
• Take unofficial visits to local and/or potential schools
• Update your soccer profile – include a video of your play and write a cover letter
• Send informational letter, schedule and video to coaches from those schools of interest via e-mail or regular mail
• Attend major college showcase events & college camps

Junior Year: Testing & Narrowing Your Pool
• Continue all of the above, as relevant
• Communicate with CAP Director – keep club aware of your process
• Fill out on-line recruiting form located on each college program’s website
• Register for the SAT/ACT
• Review NCAA core course list with high school counselor
• Review/update cover letter & profile, including updated video content
• Continue with unofficial visits – meet coaches while visiting
• Take SAT/ACT in spring
• Continue with focus on  GPA, community service & extracurricular activities
• Send informational letter & schedule to wide variety of schools – follow up
• Narrow pool to 15 schools
• Attend major college showcase events & college camps
• Attend FC Boulder College Seminars

Senior year: The Final Phase
• Continue all of the above, as relevant
• Retake SAT/ACT in October
• College Visitation – official visits available
• Narrow your pool to 5 schools – Should include mixture of dream schools, realistic schools and safe/backup school
• Apply for Scholarships: Institutional & Outside
• FAFSA Application: January 1 (deadlines vary between schools, state and the federal government)
• College Application: November / December
• Continue with focus on GPA, community service & extracurricular activities
• National Letter of Intent Signing Day (NCAA): Early February
Complete NCAA Eligibility Center forms 
• Keep CAP Director informed of your process

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