To create experiences that serve a wide range of players and levels of commitment, competitive teams will fall into one of two categories or tiers. Please note: the tiers are not based on Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) league alignment.

Our tier classification is based both on playing ability and on the commitments of time and money that players and parents are willing to make. Fees associated with each tier vary based on the number of tournaments a team is expected to play, off-season training, team camps and more. Brief explanations of each Tier are provided below.

Tier 1 teams represent the most competitive teams in a given age group and therefore players and parents are willing to meet specific expectations. FC Boulder classifies the Academy, Elite and the Premier teams as Tier 1 teams. Tier 1 teams are expected to practice year approximately 9 months of the year including three days per week during the fall and spring seasons. Tier 1 teams are expected to play up multiple tournaments per year, some of which may include travel outside of the state of Colorado, and one of which is the Colorado State Cup (12U and older) or Colorado Presidents Cup (11U-19U). High-school aged players on Tier 1 teams often participate in college showcase tournaments, with the intent of exposing FC Boulder student-athletes to college coaches from across the country.

Tier 2 teams represent the  3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th teams within a given age group. Tier 2 teams practice three days per week during the fall and spring seasons and one day per week throughout the winter months. Teams will usually play in 1-2 tournaments per year, occasionally traveling outside of the state of Colorado. Tier 2 teams participate in summer team camp (11U-15U Boys and 11U-19U Girls) and in winter training (11U-19U Boys and 11U-15U Girls).