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In January 2016, U.S. Soccer selected FC Boulder to join the U.S. Soccer Development Academy at the U12, U13 and U14 age groups beginning in the 2016-17 season. As we enter our second year of opportunity with the Development Academy, the program remains the highest level of player development and competitive youth soccer in the country. The overall design of the program is to provide players with opportunities to train and compete with the best players, with the best coaches, at the best facilities in the country. The mission of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy is to provide education, resources, and support to impact everyday club environments in order to develop world-class players.

For those players selected to 2017-18 Development Academy teams, please use the team registration link to sign in to your team: REGISTER HERE.

What is the Development Academy Program?

Following a comprehensive review of elite player development in the United States and around the world, U.S. Soccer created the Development Academy in 2007, for boys, to provide education, resources and support to impact everyday club environments that will develop world-class players.

The Development Academy is a partnership between U.S. Soccer and the top youth clubs around the country to provide the best youth players in the United States with an every day environment designed to produce the next generation of National Team players. The Academy’s programming philosophy is based on increased training, less total games and more competitive games, using international rules of competition.

The Academy also connects National Team coaches directly with the Academy clubs to develop and identify players and coaches for future Youth National Teams. Each Academy team is evaluated by a member of the Men’s Scouting Network at least ten (10) times each year and each Academy club receives two formal evaluations in over in seven (7) Key Performance Categories each year from U.S. Soccer Technical Staff.

“The invitation from U.S. Soccer to join the Development Academy is a testament to the hard work and commitment of FC Boulder players, coaches, parents, our administrative team and our Board of Directors. This is a collective achievement that distinguishes FC Boulder as part of an elite group of clubs nationwide. The responsibility is now ours to recognize the full benefits of U.S. Soccer resources across all club programming and to continue to improve all aspects of our organization to further enhance individual player development.”

Adam Hayes, FC Boulder Executive Director

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Please send any questions about FC Boulder and the U.S. Soccer Development Academy to Jeff Frykholm at jeff.frykholm@fcboulder.com.