All soccer players and their families are encouraged to attend the FCBeyond trip for 2017.  We will be traveling to London, England followed by playing in the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Our parent club, FC Boulder, is helping to bring this mission to kids who already play the most ‘International Game’ there is, should experience this at least once in their playing time!

London, England (Denmark), July 12 – 15, 2017

Gothia Cup (Sweden), July 16 – 23, 2017

Available to all available players and teams, Boys AND Girls

We will begin our trip by traveling to London, England and take a few days to explore our first country.  Here we will also train at the facilities of CRYSTAL PALACE FC of the English Premier League!  We will have a training session with the professional coaches, as well as playing in a local friendly game.  Parents will be able to come watch as their kids train like a professional!

 From there, we will take a short flight to Gothenburg, Sweden to prepare for theGothia Cup Tournament.  The Gothia Cup is known as the largest youth soccer tournament in the world and is a regular tourist stop for elite level soccer players before they finish their youth soccer career.

*PLEASE NOTE: Space is extremely limited and will be traveling with a maximum of only 15 players due to the length of games and the amount of value for your experience.  Unlimited family and friends are allowed to attend

TOUR PACKAGE PRICE (Estimated as of 8/22/16)

$3,300.00 per player (includes uniform and Chaperone Fee)

$3,600.00 per adult / family member (Hotel Rooms in Sweden)

**There will be discounts for Chaperones, coming off of the fees to make it more feasible for chaperones to be included


  • We will be offering this trip to all current athletes, boys and girls, but targeting kids from the 2004 and 2005 age groups.

  • The teams will be capped at a maximum of 15 players per roster (1 Goalkeeper and 14 Field Players).  If there is more interest in a particular age group, we will take the deposits received in chronological order.  We will not begin to fill a 2nd roster in an age group until we have a minimum of 24 field players and 2 Goalkeepers.

  • Each team traveling will have 1 coach and a minimum of 1 chaperone, although we’d like to have 2 chaperones.  Chaperones will receive a discount on their trip from the Adult Price listed above, but will be responsible for staying with the athletes in the school accomodations.  The manager will be responsible for getting kids to and from events planned with each team, which include games, training sessions, meals and other team events

  • Payments must be made to ‘Travel and Play’, who is the company arranging our on-site logistics.  Payments must be made on the following schedule to keep your place on the trip:

October 15th – $300 per person deposit 
January 15th  –
 $600 per person payment
March 15th – $600 per person payment
May 1 – Balance Due