Stop Using Ladders for Soccer Agility -Especially during TEAM CAMP


As we prepare for Team Camp and the excitement of working with players in the 2016-17 season, I strongly recommend (if you are using them) that you stop using speed ladders for soccer “agility”. Soccer, as you know, is an open chained, decision based reactive sport which requires the ability to change direction quickly. Ladders, as commonly used, is pre-planned with no reaction to anything game speed like. Think about it. A coach tells a player- “in-out”, left foot first. Does that provide an athlete to make a decision or just execute a pre-planned activity by the coach? Where is the ball? Where is the opponent? where is the goal they are either defending, attacking or transitioning to?

This below graphic explains it all.

Agility Graphic

Please….if you are using ladders….STOP. Use your knowledge of the game to creatively come up with new ideas.