The FC Boulder Academy represents the highest standard of play and expectation in FC Boulder for U11-U19 boys and girls. In the U11-U14 Academy age groups, players are introduced to the habits, attitudes, and playing standards required to become an elite youth player. In the U15-U19 levels in the Academy, players are prepared technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically for successful playing and academic careers in college, or entree into the professional game. 

FC Boulder Academy Program VISION:
The FC Boulder Academy will become the most highly regarded program in Colorado for producing outstanding youth talent.

FC Boulder Academy Program MISSION:
We develop quality human beings, and exceptional soccer players.

We will be forming Academy teams at the following age groups for the 2019-20 season:

U11:  FCB Academy, 2-3 teams, 9v9, 24-36 players (born in 2009 or later)
U12:  FCB Academy, 2-3 teams, 9v9, 24-36 players (born in 2008 or later) 
U13:  USSDA Academy, 15-18 players (born 2007 or later), FCB Academy, 15-18 players (born 2007 or later)
U14:  USSDA Academy, 15-18 players (born 2006 or later), FCB Academy, 15-18 players (born 2006 or later
U15:  FCB Academy, 2 teams, 30-36 players (born 2005 or later)
U16:  FCB Academy, 2 teams, 34-36 players (born 2004 or later)
U17:  FCB Academy, 2 teams, 32-36 players (born 2003 or later)
U19:  FCB Academy, 3 teams, up to 48-54 players (born 2002 or later)

  • Academy teams will play in the highest appropriate CSA league (boys U13 and U14 US Development Academy teams excepted), and participate in various tournaments including showcases and State/Presidents Cup(s).
  • The commitment of time and financial resources for FC Boulder Academy players are at a higher level from those found in the FC Boulder Competitive Program experience.
  • Teams train year round, 3 times per week, with designated rest periods throughout the calendar year.
  • The full cost of participation in the FC Boulder Academy program for 2019-20 is $2195 ($2795 for US Development Academy). Financial assistance is available for families who qualify for support. We work closely with families to ensure that every qualified player, regardless of family income, has an opportunity to play in the FC Boulder Academy Program.

2019/2020 Player Placements:
Complete. Contact Dave Carver or Kyle Lineberger if you have missed placements and are interested in playing for FC Boulder.

2020/2021 Player Placements:
May 26, 2020 through June 3, 2020


A Program For Advanced Players

The FC Boulder Academy Program is a designed for the most talented and committed players throughout our region. The intention is to limit the number of participating players to approximately 36 players per age group.

Exceptional, Well-Prepared, Trained & Licensed Coaches

The FCB Academy Program maintains high standards for all coaches in the program, including licensing requirements, continuing professional development, and requisite years of experience coaching highly achieving players.

A Positive Environment

The program is guided by the following values:

  • Pride:  We take pride in our performance, in our team, in our club, and in our community.
  • Integrity:  We strive for the highest standards on and off the field. Nothing else is acceptable.
  • Passion:  We are passionate about development, competition, and hard work.
  • Performance:  We aim to perform at the highest level possible and strive for excellence in everything we do both individually and collectively.
  • Collaboration:  We work together toward common goals and celebrate individual and collective success.
  • Humility:  We believe that putting others before oneself shows strength of character, and that players and coaches experience great freedom to grow when they learn to put their egos aside.
A Stimulating Learning Context

Every training session is designed around the following principles:

  • Player Centric:  In all that we do, the individual player is our primary emphasis.
  • Safety:  Creating safe environments for young athletes to prosper is of utmost importance — safety to make mistakes, safety to express opinions, safety to compete relentlessly, and safety from personal threats are essential to player development. 
  • Organization:  Training sessions are thoughtfully constructed, and meticulously planned to achieve specific learning objectives for the day.  (See a sample training session by clicking here.)
  • Game-Like:  All training sessions are designed to present players with scenarios and challenges that are “game like” — i.e., representative of the lived reality and problem solving experienced in match play.
  • Challenging:  All training sessions are designed and delivered to challenge players at the appropriate level of difficulty.  Players know that most training sessions are harder than match play.
  • Repetition:  All training sessions provide players with multiple opportunities to practice and develop the training objectives of the session in contexts that mirror the real game.
  • Standards:  In the training environment we maintain high standards for our players regarding their training habits, mentality, competitive spirit, technical development, and tactical execution.


Dave Carver
U11-U14 Academy Director

Kyle Lineberger
U15-U19 Academy Director

Courtney Crandell
Club Registrar


The 2019/2020 player placement process is complete. Contact Dave Carver or Klye Lineberger if you have missed placements and are interested in playing for FC Boulder. 

2020/2021 Player Placement Events will be May 26, 2020 through June 3, 2020.  Specific dates and times will be released in Spring 2020.