The FC Boulder Competitive Program is designed to provide a positive, engaging soccer experience that accelerates the growth of all players in the program from U11-U19. Our Program Directors and Coaching staff are passionate about the game, and take great pride in creating the contexts in which players are inspired to thrive. The Competitive program serves athletes of all abilities — those who are newer to the game, as well as those players who have the drive and aspiration to excel in high school and college soccer environments. The Program is tailored to the diverse, multi-faceted life of Boulder County families, and yet maintains an unapologetic drive to produce players that will contend for places within the FC Boulder Academy program in subsequent seasons.

FC Boulder Competitive Program VISION:
The FC Boulder Competitive Program creates the context for players of all abilities to experience Soccer for Life.

FC Boulder Competitive Program MISSION:
We provide a rich environment for players to progress in the game, while at the same time developing a deep appreciation for athletic experience through soccer.

We will be forming Competitive teams at every age group (U11–U19) for both boys and girls. Typically, teams in the U11-U12 age groups will have 12-14 players and teams in the U13-U19 age group will have 15-18 players. Teams will be formed with the intention of grouping players of similar ability. 

  • Competitive teams will play across all levels in the Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) leagues. We will seek to place teams into leagues where they will experience the appropriate balance of success and challenge. 
  • Teams may opt to participate in various tournaments both locally, throughout Colorado and out-of-state. 
  • Teams train seasonally, three times per week: twice as a team and once as an age group with a ball-mastery focus.  The program allows for players to also pursue interests in other sports and activities, even as they get a high-level training and playing experience in the Competitive Program.
  • The cost of participation in the FC Boulder Competitive program for February 2020 to May 2020 is $1100. The year-round fee is $1395. This fee will cover up to three training sessions a week and one tournament registration. Financial assistance is available for families who qualify for support. We work closely with families to ensure that every qualified player, regardless of family income, has an opportunity to play in the FC Boulder Competitive Program.
  • FC Boulder will provide additional opt-in opportunities for competitive players to participate in additional soccer experiences to supplement the team environment — e.g., camps, clinics, futsal leagues, private training, group functional training, and athletic performance camps (strength, agility, quickness).


A Program For All Players

The Competitive Program provides an appropriate team context for the full range of players seeking a serious soccer experience — from inexperienced players, to others who have the talent and ambition to one day accept an invitation to join the FCB Academy Program. 

Well-Prepared, Trained & Licensed Coaches

The FCB Competitive Program maintains high standards for all coaches in the program, and places great value on coaches who can inspire and teach players of all ability levels. Coaches in the Competitive Program are thoughtfully mentored to provide a rich learning environment for their players, and are required (minimally) to obtain the US Soccer Grassroots 11v11 Diploma (though most coaches in the program far exceed the minimal standard).

A Positive Environment

The program is guided by the following values:

  • Joy in the Game: Soccer can provide the context for players to experience great joy and fulfillment, which is a driving ambition of the coaching staff: Sharing a love of the game with our players.
  • Growth: There is perhaps no other program in FC Boulder that exhibits the striking patterns of growth shown by FCB Competitive Players. Obsessed with a “growth mindset” (i.e., that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work), the FC Boulder Competitive coaching staff is committed to player development over time.
  • Humility: We believe that putting others before oneself shows strength of character, and that players and coaches experience great freedom to grow when they learn to put their egos aside.
  • Performance over Results: While we strive to win every match, we understand that effort, passion, teamwork, integrity, and sportsmanship are more important than the outcome of a game. We believe that if players strive to perform and execute at their best, positive results will follow.
  • Friendship: The love of Sport — soccer in particular — is infectious. Creating lasting friendships and camaraderie is one of the richest rewards available to youth players, and is a focal point of the Competitive Program.
  • Intelligent Play: We teach the game in a way that allows players to experience success not only in the present, but over time. Resisting the temptation to adopt a “kick and run” approach that rewards athleticism (in the present) at the expense of developing proper technique, creativity, and game intelligence (over time), we teach every player the key principles that define the playing style of FC Boulder. We place a high premium on ball possession, our teams build from the back, all players attack, all players defend, transition moments are vital, and we encourage players to create chances on goal through various avenues.
A Stimulating Learning Context

Every training session is designed around the following principles:

  • Player Centric: In all that we do, the individual player is our primary emphasis.
  • Safety: Creating safe environments for young athletes to prosper is of utmost importance — safety to make mistakes, safety to express opinions, safety to compete relentlessly, and safety from personal threats are essential to player development.
  • Organization: Training sessions are thoughtfully constructed, and meticulously planned to achieve specific learning objectives for the day. (See a sample training session by clicking here.)
  • Game-Like: All training sessions are designed to present players with scenarios and challenges that are “game like” — i.e., representative of the lived reality and problem solving experienced in match play.
  • Challenging: All training sessions are designed and delivered to challenge players at the appropriate level of difficulty. Players know that most training sessions will be harder than match play.
  • Repetition: All training sessions provide players with multiple opportunities to practice and develop the training objectives of the session in contexts that mirror the real game.
  • Standards: In the training environment we maintain high standards for our players regarding their training habits, mentality, competitive spirit, technical development, and tactical execution.


Mark Harrison
U11-U19 Competitive Director

Drew Campbell
U11-U19 Asst. Competitive Director

Courtney Crandell
Club Registrar