The United States Development Academy is the highest level of soccer available to youth players in the country. We are proud to be one of a small number of clubs in Colorado chosen by the US Soccer Federation to assist in developing players for the highest levels in the game, including professional soccer and the US National Team Program.  If your son demonstrates exceptional ability and aptitude in the game… if your son has a passion to improve… if your son enjoys being challenged… if you want your son in a dynamic and engaging learning environment… if your son has aspirations to play college or professional soccer… if you want your son coached by licensed and exceptionally experienced coaches, then the US Development Academy at FC Boulder is great fit. 


This six month process is to identify 2007 & 2008 boys interested in competing at the highest national level in youth soccer for the 2020/2021 season. The two hour showcase events will provide a platform for parents to ask questions, experience the professionalism of FC Boulder’s DA Program ad give players a chance to compete and showcase their talents against the best players in the area.

Open Player Showcase Events 

Dec 15, 2019

Sports Performance Center
555 Aspen Ridge Dr F, Lafayette, CO 80026

Jan 20, 2020

Sports Performance Center
555 Aspen Ridge Dr F, Lafayette, CO 80026

Jan 26, 2020

Sports Performance Center
555 Aspen Ridge Dr F, Lafayette, CO 80026

March 8, 2020

Sports Performance Center
555 Aspen Ridge Dr F, Lafayette, CO 80026

Pre-Placement Events

May 3, 2020
Peak to Peak School
800 Merlin Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026

May 17, 2020
East Boulder Rec Center
5660 Sioux Dr, Boulder, CO 80303


May 26, 27 & 28
More information to come Spring 2020.


Exceptionally Well-Prepared, Trained, and Licensed Coaches

Our Development Academy staff consists of veteran coaches with loads of experience not only developing fantastic soccer players and teams, but fine human beings as well; we believe you cannot have one without the other. As mandated by US Soccer, all of our Academy coaches are highly licensed through US Soccer and the United Soccer Coaches, and embody the highest standards of coaching excellence, demeanor, professionalism, and mentorship. Our coaching staff implements a program-wide curriculum, using contemporary methods of instruction that reflect the best thinking of leading soccer educators in the world, based on what we know to be true about human learning, psychology, physiology, and motivation.

A Discerning Perspective on Human and Soccer Development

We are not necessarily looking for the tallest player (though sometimes size helps).

We are not necessarily looking for the fastest runner (though athleticism is certainly a bonus).

We are definitely not interested in players — no matter how good they may be — that are continually on the hunt for proverbial greener pastures (though we promise to pass on players to MLS club environments when they are ready).

Rather… What we seek in the FC Boulder Development Academy are players who love the game, who train passionately with a winning mentality, who embrace a good challenge, who respect the learning process, who show eagerness to improve, who are resilient in the face of discomfort, who are willing to accept critique, who are able to embrace the notion that humility and hard work are essential toward becoming a stellar player (and great human being).

Do you think that this sort of experience described above fits your son well, and does it resonate with the values that guide your family? If so, then we would love to explore the possibility of getting your son into FC Boulder’s Development Academy.

A Stimulating Learning Environment

We ground ourselves daily in the values that guide our club.

We hold our coaches accountable to the principle that our coaching is dedicated to the goal of positively impacting the lives and futures of young people in powerful ways.

The training environment of the FC Boulder DA is organized, game-like, competitive, challenging, and positive.

In the training environment, we maintain high standards for our players regarding their training habits, mentality, competitive spirit, technical development, and tactical execution.

We build on the natural passion that players bring to the environment, helping them hold in balance the will to win with the fulfillment and joy the game can bring.

We provide regular assessments of players toward their own individual development plans and goals for improvement.

Our year-round soccer programming (including two months of Futsal training) is carefully structured to ensure that our players do not burn out physically or mentally, and have opportunity to explore other passions that we believe ultimately make them better athletes, soccer players, and people.

We promote our players, as appropriate, to US Soccer Technical Advisors and coaching staff.


FCB has formed to the following two DA teams for the 2019-2020 season:

  • U13 (born in 2007 or later); 11v11, one team, roster of up to 18 players
  • U14 (born in 2006 or later); 11v11, one team, roster of up to 18 players


FC Boulder will form to the following two DA teams for the 2020-2021 season:

  • U13 (born in 2008 or later); 11v11, one team, roster of up to 18 players
  • U14 (born in 2007 or later); 11v11, one team, roster of up to 18 players


  • We play in a Colorado-based league with other DA clubs in the state.
  • The coaching staff of the FC Boulder Development Academy consists of highly qualified and licensed coaches (requiring a minimum USSF “B” license). Please see below for the biographies of the 2018-19 FC Boulder Development Academy Staff coaches.
  • The expectations for commitment, focus, attitude, competitiveness, and passion for the game as a DA player are at a different level from a typical club soccer experience.
  • Teams train three times per week, with mandatory rest periods throughout the calendar year.
  • Teams participate in national US Development Academy Showcase events.
  • Registration fees for the  Development Academy for 2019-20 are $2795.  Financial assistance is available for families who qualify for support.  We work closely with families to ensure that every qualified player, regardless of family income, has an opportunity to play in the US Development Academy
DEvelopment Academy Staff

Jeff Frykholm
DA Director
USSF A License

Dave Carver
2007 Head Coach
USSF A License

Fields Brown
2007 DA Apprentice
USSF C License

Mark Harrison
2006 DA Apprentice
USSF C License

Sean Baumann
2006/2007 DA Apprentice
USSF C License