FC Boulder


Welcome to FC Boulder – welcome to our club! It belongs to all of us – players, coaches, administrators, parents, families, volunteers, Board Directors and the larger soccer community of Boulder County and Coloardo. FC Boulder is our club – we share the responsibility of creating soccer environments suitable for every player and we strive to provide the highest quality soccer experiences anywhere in Colorado. From our youngest, 18-month-old players through our adult soccer teams, we hope that each player who puts on an FC Boulder jersey will consider his or her experience in the club an indeliable part of their soccer journey. 

We invite everyone – players, coaches, parents, supporters and community members – to join with us in elevating the cooperative spirit around soccer in our communities. We believe that everyone – most especially the players in our programs – will benefit from a positive, supportive, and collaborative soccer community. This is our clubthis is FC Boulder


The traditions of soccer in Boulder County began nearly 40 years ago in 1979 under the guidance of Alex Herzog and Doyle Johnson and although the names and leadership of the clubs have changed over time – from the original FC Boulder to the Lobos, Boulder County Force, Trebols SC, Bouler Nova, Boulder Athletic and more, the focus of growing the game and developing soccer players has never wavered. 

It is from these roots that FC Boulder re-emerged in 2012 through the combination of Boulder County Force and Boulder Athletic. The ‘One Community, One Club’ mantra carries on in 2019 as FC Boulder and Trebol SC are combining resources to the benefit of the players throughout Boulder County and northern Colorado.  We have assembled a fantastic staff of coaches and administrators, created great programming options to meet the needs of all players, and a set of enduring values to guide the culture and the future path of the Club.

The picture to the right is of the very first State Champion from Boulder — the 1990 FC Boulder U12 State Champions!


The following principles are fundamental to the mission of FC Boulder:

We will provide an environment suitable for every player – from the least experienced recreational player to the most experienced college-bound competitive player.

We are fundamentally rooted in our local community, here to serve greater Boulder County.

We pursue the building of character as a driving objective – in every practice and in every competition. We demand that all our players and our coaches embody character: the will to compete, the discipline to improve, the commitment to put team before self, and winning and losing with honor and respect.

We allow our passion for soccer to filter through all that we do – both on and off the field. We love soccer all that the game can do to help prepare young people to lead fulfilling lives.

We believe that soccer is a unique vehicle that can promote equity and social justice within our community. FC Boulder welcomes players and families from all corners of Boulder County and beyond. We see this game, and our Club, as a tool to help stitch together the diversity in our community.

We are an achievement-focused organization – on the field, in our office, in the boardroom – we value both effort and results.  We are our own toughest critics, looking to compete well at every level, to develop superior soccer players, to develop outstanding teams, to grow the depth and knowledge of our coaches, and to instill a love of the game in our players.

We believe that participation in the game of soccer can produce joy and fulfillment that may be found in few other places. We embrace the way the game builds strong and healthy bodies, develops the minds of young players, and nurtures emotional well-being. We believe that the game of soccer can foster connection, pride and growth in individual players, with teams and throughout the larger community.

We are making the commitment to our community that FC Boulder will help empower our athletes to become superior soccer players. With teams that service all age groups and all levels of play, we enable our players to compete at their highest potential – from their first soccer experience, throughout the rest of their lives.  Beyond the soccer skills themselves though, FC Boulder strives to instill traits in players that are useful long after the last whistle blows – character … sportsmanship … discipline … fitness … achievement.

Whether you’re an 8-year-old child or middle-aged adult, you’ll count your experiences with FC Boulder as an indelible part of your life. And, we believe you’ll acquire a love of the game – for all the right reasons – that will last your lifetime.


In 2012, the Club set out to create a graphic identity to match the principles, values, mission, and unique characteristics of FC Boulder. International designers – hailing from the U.S., Mexico and Spain – were solicited to create a unique shield for our new Club that reflected our stated values, as well as the beautiful location and landmarks that make our community special.

The chosen shield and accompanying graphic accents – the ones populating this website and prominently visible throughout our community – are suggestive of the strength, depth, and stability of FC Boulder. You may recognize the shape of the shield, with its unique division in the middle, as a mirror of the Colorado State Shield. Our region is well known for the Rocky Mountains – specifically, the Flatirons – that provide a stunning backdrop for our community.  The Flatirons image as a primary aspect of the logo connotes a strong sense of location and community.

The color Gold was selected for its well-known association as a symbol of good health and success. The Cardinal Red color that provides the foundational base of the shield is typically associated with energy, strength, power, determination, and passion.

Finally, the stars overlooking the Flatirons are reminders to each of our players to hold themselves accountable to the highest of standards as they, on a daily basis, strive to make a positive difference in three domains: for their Club, for their team and for their own individual development and growth.

FC Boulder is proud to wear custom designed uniforms. The images to the right show our Home, Away and Alternate competitive uniforms for the 2018-2020 seasons. We proudly wear our FC Boulder badges that represent our club values.

FC Boulder has partnered with adidas and soccer.com to provide high quality competitive and recreational uniforms at the best possible cost to all FC Boulder members.