Program Registration Fees

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Program Registration Fees


* The secondary season amounts are for U15 06 players who are in 8th or 9th grade and will play club soccer during the high school soccer season.

Additional Volunteer Fee

The Volunteer Fee for 2020/2021 is an additional $75.00 per player. The funding received from this fee will be used to help provide FInancial Assistance to families within our community whose children may not otherwise be able to play soccer. We are aware that many families have been affected by COVID-19 and therefore we will provide all members the opportunity to have this Volunteer Fee refunded after having completed 2 hours of volunteering for the club sometime throughout the 2020-21 year. Below are some of the events and activities where you can currently volunteer to receive your refund.

Colorado Shootout (October)
Colorado Gives Day (December)
Boulder Cup (May 2021)
Gala Fundraising Event (TBD)
Golf Fundraising Event (May 2021)

In addition, any person who is an FCB Coach, Team Manager or Team Treasurer, will have their Volunteer Fee refunded. 

We at FC Boulder believe that volunteering is a fantastic way to build community spirit and camaraderie, within the club. Funds not refunded will go towards our Financial Assistance Program.

To further support the funding of our Financial Assistant Program you can also donate your 2020 spring season credit and receive a tax write off for 2020.

COVID-19 Refund Policy


COVID-19 Refund Policy & Costs

Upon official FCB registration on June 22nd, an administration fee of $150.00 is payable. The remainder of the registration fees are payable over a maximum of six months. In the event that the season is cancelled due to COVID-19 on or before August 2nd 2020, all fees paid to that date will be refundable in full. In the event that the season is cancelled due to COVID-19 at any time after August 2nd 2020, a proportion of the registration fees will be refunded based on the amount of the season cancelled.

A payment plan is available to help defer registration costs over a period of a maximum of 6 months. The cost for this program is $50.00 and will be added to your monthly payment.

Paper checks must be mailed to the FCB Boulder address.

Credit Card Processing fees will be charged at 3.25%



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